Cook's Garden
Catalog for kitchen garden seeds and supplies, also features a bibliography and a botanical guid

Dan's Garden Shop
Catalog of seeds, books, and general gardening supplies. Seed indexes include planting and care instructions. Order by phone or email.
Davis Plant and Seed Company
Text-only catalog of chile pepper, tomatillo, herb, and tomato seeds to order via online order form, fax, or email.

Heyne Custom Seed Services
Iowa-based Heyne Custom Seed Services offers wildflower and grass seeds, specialized services and event information.

ProSeed USA
Order from the selection of seeded flower mats and gifts, for gardens, window boxes, and patio planters. Wildflower and butterfly gardens a specialty.

Rainforest Seed Co.
Supplier of seeds harvested from rainforest in Northern Costa Rica. Pictures, descriptions, order info, and instructions on growing indoors.
Redwood City Seed Company
Seedlist features endangered vegetable seeds, the world's hottest pepper seeds and other specialty plants.
SBE Seeds
Download the free catalogs, request a print catalog by email, or order securely online. Offers a wide range of flower, herb, vegetable, native, and exotic seeds.

Seed Guild
Seed exchange with searchable seed list, includes information pack with samples to order.
Seeds Trust High Altitude Gardens
Sells open-pollinated, heirloom, organic, vegetable, Siberian tomato, native wildflower, native grass and medicinal herb seeds.
Seeds of Change
Online ordering for 100% certified open-pollinated and organic flower, vegetable and herb seeds. Includes heirloom and unique varieties.
Mail-order seed company offers a varied selection including exotic houseplant, flower, vegetable, herbal, and cactus seeds.
Select Seeds Antique Flowers
Catalog features antique and heirloom flowers, including some unavailable to larger companies. Download or order it.
Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
Request a printed catalog or see the online version of Garden Medicinals - supplies for herb growers and herbalists.

Swedish catalog offers more than 1,000 sorts of cactus and succulent seeds. New varieties each year, most produced by hand pollination in a greenhouse.
Sunmark Seeds
Email or phone to order seeds, including wildflowers, native grasses, and turf grasses. Includes photos and links to most popular blends.

Virtual Seeds Co.
Free email catalog and hundreds of seeds including unusual seeds from cactus, medicinal, exotic fruit, and native grass plants.

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